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Aurélie Goarzin is a self-taught painter, originally from the island of Reunion (French overseas department). She is married and the mother of four beautiful children.


She made her debut at the age of seven in the studio of the painter André Chrisloup where she learned the technique of oil painting and became passionate about it, as she testifies:


“From an early age, my parents saw in me a need to express myself through drawing and painting, and thanks to their sacrifices, I was able to do so. As a child, I had my little corner in the garage of the house to draw and paint as I liked. Around the age of seven, they enrolled me in plastic arts lessons with the painter André Chisloup. This allowed me to surpass myself and that's when I gained confidence. I was nine when I first exhibited in a hospital lobby. I remember it like it was yesterday because then I made my parents proud. My father was an artist at heart but had never been able to exploit this talent. I must say that this attraction to drawing and painting is a heritage he passed on to me. "   


Over the years, the artist gave up her passion a little to devote herself to her studies and to the missionary journeys she undertook in Africa, Madagascar and the Seychelles.

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Au fil des années, j'ai abandonné quelque peu ma passion pour me consacrer à mes études et aux voyages missionnaires que j'ai entrepris en Afrique, à Madagascar et aux Seychelles.

Mais en 2019, je renoue avec mon talent et décide de créer mon entreprise individuelle en tant que professionnelle. Je suis officiellement affiliée à la Maison Des Artistes (MDA).

L'artiste: Texte
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Plein air

Mon travail touche aussi bien le réalisme que le surréalisme. 

J'aime reproduire des images qui me parlent sur le moment (ce qui me permet de relever des défis artistiques) mais je laisse également recours à mon imagination en fonction des émotions que je peux ressentir. 

Mon côté angélique et ma force de caractère sont ainsi inscrits dans mes œuvres d’art, ce qui y amène une certaine puissance :

« Je crois que lorsqu’un artiste réalise une œuvre d’art, il y met son âme. »


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